Photos from gardens that not only their creators are proud of

Someone has a craving and talent for growing plants and organizing a beautiful garden, while others are genuinely surprised. And rightly so, important things should be handled by the pros. And what they get, see below.

Camellia, before which you want to prostrate

Grandma raised this rhododendron all her life

An unexpected garden bonus – a nest with rabbits


Was and became

When you live in a rainy area, you will have your own stream

And the garden provides daily food


Where else can you see such beauty?

The perfect place to relax

It’s nice to make such discoveries in the garden

The hydrangea that my grandmother is so proud of

If you gently scratch a young pumpkin, you get a pattern


When cacti bloom, you seem to be transported into a fairy tale

She is only three years old, but she has already grown her first crop of beans by herself.

The Lemon Tree Looks Like a Treasure Chest

In a good, beautiful garden and breathe completely differently! Living art accessible to all.

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