“When you let yourself be tamed, then it happens to cry” – deep sayings from “The Little Prince”

It seems that today it is difficult to find a person who has not heard of the Little Prince. The Little Prince is a wise fairy tale, a parable in which the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery put his experiences and memories of his childhood.

We also adore this lyrical story. We have collected the rules for the life of the Little Prince, who arrived from another planet and forever remained in our hearts.

You live in your actions, not in your body. You are your actions and there is no other you.

I’m afraid to become like adults who are not interested in anything but numbers.

There is such a firm rule: get up in the morning, wash, put yourself in order – and immediately put your planet in order.

Here is my secret, it is very simple: only the heart is vigilant. You can’t see the most important thing with your eyes.

If you go straight and straight, you won’t get far.

Each person has their own stars.

Never listen to what the flowers say. You just have to look at them and breathe in their scent.

Children should be very lenient towards adults.

You have to endure two or three caterpillars if you want to get to know butterflies.

When it gets really sad, it’s good to watch the sun go down.

Do you know why the desert is good? Somewhere in it springs are hidden.

Other work can wait a little, there will be no harm. But if you give free rein to the baobabs, troubles cannot be avoided.

Everyone should be asked what he can give. Power must first of all be reasonable.

Probably, the stars shine so that sooner or later everyone can find their own again.

Judge yourself. This is the hardest part. It is much harder to judge oneself than others. If you can judge yourself correctly, then you are truly wise.

If you love a flower – the only one that is not found on any of the many millions of stars – that is enough: look at the sky – and you are happy.

It’s very sad when friends are forgotten. Not everyone had a friend.

Once you ask something, don’t back down until you get an answer.

All roads lead to people.

When you really want to be funny, sometimes you involuntarily lie.

Words only make it difficult to understand each other.

When you let yourself be tamed, then it happens to cry.

It’s good to have a friend, even if you have to die.

You can only learn things that you tame.

You are forever responsible for everyone you have tamed.

People get into fast trains, but they themselves do not understand what they are looking for, so they do not know peace, they rush one way or the other … And all in vain. The eyes are blind. You have to search with your heart.

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