Norwegian artist creates unique realistic dolls that give you goosebumps

At first, when I saw these pictures, I thought: “What charming kids!”, But looking closer, it turned out that these were not kids at all, but real dolls …


Already goosebumps from how realistic they look …

The hair of all dolls is natural, human, and everything else is artificial materials: the eyes are glass, the body is soft rag, the arms, legs and face are made of polymer clay.



The woman was inspired to create such dolls by children, she once worked as an elementary school teacher. And now she creates her children, in her arsenal there are hundreds of toy girls and boys. She makes about 10 dolls a year.


Dolls are created from photographs of real children. Each element is made by hand. They are all about 70 cm high.


Of course, these dolls are not played with, they are bought in the collection. The cost of one is about 10 thousand dollars.

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