Our grandmothers were the most talented needlewomen

Our grandmothers were amazing. They managed to work, manage the household and even found time for a hobby. But they didn’t go to yoga or draw pictures, they did needlework.


These pictures were published by the grandson. His grandmother said that she would leave him the house and all these delightful embroideries.

The name of the needlewoman is Maria Petrovna. In this way, the grandmother decided to decorate her old house. The grandson from childhood remembers this comfort, warmth and beauty of her work.


Delightful embroidered towels, curtains, pillowcases, bedspreads, icons and paintings. Grandma was a real sorceress and her grandson wanted to show everyone her masterpieces.

How many evenings did a woman spend on this beauty. Handmade, each embroidery is unique. In every thing a piece of her warmth.


Remember your grandma’s house? Each had a lace tablecloth or handmade embroidery, curtains or bedspreads that were sewn by her hands, rugs, or wall paintings. These are real masterpieces.


What a beauty.

How much love in every thing!

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