14 life hacks for young parents: it’s too early to despair!

Raising children is hard work, but rewarding, because every successful decision or task correctly performed right there, before our eyes, bears fruit. Problems, big and small, will abound, but that’s what the collective folk wisdom is to cope with them without unnecessary loss of time and nerves. Go!


Artist’s box: no surface in the house will be harmed

If you teach cleaning, like the game “drive the garbage into the hole”, then the desired skill will appear by itself.


A child asks for ice cream, but there is no time to go to the store? There is a solution!

The container for the pacifier will protect it from dust and dirt

Inflatable balloons can be inflated using an old bottle with a dispenser


The inflatable pool can be used as an arena

Fabric softener will help make the doll’s hair beautiful again


If you seal the squeaker of a toy with adhesive tape, its sound will become less irritable.

An alternative to toothbrush cups – less dust will settle on them


Sometimes such a mark needs to be made for adults, so that they don’t waste toilet paper how much in vain

A few stickers will spur children’s imagination and brighten up a long, boring flight.

Do not rush to throw away the pizza box! This is a great canvas for a young artist!

A small lock will securely protect electrical appliances from unauthorized switching on.

If the two halves of the picture converge – the right and left shoes are in the right places

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