17-year-old single-handedly raised five siblings

After the death of her mother, and then her father, 17-year-old Samantha took over the care of her five brothers and sisters.


In 2013, a sad event happened in the large friendly Rodriguez family – my mother died of cervical cancer. Of all the children, only the eldest Samantha remembered her and was terribly worried about the loss of the closest person. Seven years later, the pain of loss is still strong in the girl.

Three years after my mother left, my father fell seriously ill and was diagnosed with lymphoma. Samantha stopped going to school, she looked after her father. After a while he died, and the children were left orphans.

Five minor children were supposed to be taken to an orphanage, but 17-year-old Samantha could not allow this. And the girl decided to take care of them on her own. True, my grandmother was still alive, who was about 80 years old, but due to her advanced age she could not take care of so many children.

Samantha fully took up the upbringing of brothers and sisters. She cooked food, took the children to school and sections, treated them, helped with homework and did everything like a mother.

The family lived on bereavement benefits. Samantha also worked as a waitress, but the money she received was barely enough to live on.


After a while, the girl was able to finish school and even went to college for distance learning to set an example for younger children how important it is to get a good education. Although none of Samantha’s acquaintances have ever gone to college.

As a result, the girl was able to replace the brothers and sisters of both parents, so much so that the kids called her “mom-dad”.

The girl believes that the most important thing in life is the family, and not material wealth. There can be no happiness without love and support from loved ones.

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