How life has changed for newlyweds with a 40-year age difference in 10 years

As a rule, in marriage, a man is more often older than his wife, although there is an opinion that peers build the strongest relationships. In most cases, when spouses are separated by more than 10 years, the relationship is not durable. brings to the attention of readers the history of a family where the wife is 40 years younger.

The couple has stood the test of time at age 10, 70-year-old Boris and 31-year-old Victoria have three children and are still interested in talking to each other about a lot of different things.

Usually, such couples cause an ambiguous reaction from others. The Rosenbergs also had to go through the rejection of the man’s relatives, Vika’s parents respected the choice of their daughter.


They met during an interview. Victoria did not have time to properly prepare the questions, and Boris was teasing the unlucky journalist. Rosenbeg headed the regional branch of the movement “For the revival of the Urals” and subsequently they often crossed paths at events. The man became a widow after a 30-year marriage, and Vika and her husband were going to break up.

For the first time they “saw” each other when Boris threw his jacket over the shoulders of the chilled girl and, unexpectedly for himself, kissed the top of her head. Both of them were not ready for the fact that their sympathy would grow into something more. He was embarrassed that Vika was the same age as his granddaughter, he even asked her parents to reason with their daughter.

With his own daughter and granddaughter, Boris Yakovlevich still has a strained relationship, they do not accept his family, and only recently they began to talk to him again.


The age difference affects the attitude to many things, but in their case it is a reason to look for compromise solutions. They try to respect the partner’s opinion and look for common ground and common interests. To the frequent question that he will die much earlier, Victoria answers philosophically. She cites the example of young people who die in accidents or from disease, leaving young widows with young children.

After the couple’s participation in the “Actually” program, people with a big difference in marriage began to turn to Victoria for advice. But she was not ready to take responsibility without having a specialized education. However, over time, she realized that she was interested in psychology, and she decided to change her profession.

The Rosenberg family has three children, an older girl and twin boys. Victoria explains to her daughter, Eva, that the fathers of other girls are “princes” by age, and her dad is a whole “king”!

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