In a family with 10 boys, a girl was finally born. We waited!

The most desirable things often happen when you least expect them.


And this is just about the case of the couple Alexis and David Brett from Britain.

At 22, the woman gave birth to her first child, a boy named Rotagaid. And in the next 15 years, 9 more boys appeared in the family. Of course, the couple really wanted a daughter, but fate decreed otherwise.


The woman has already firmly decided to stop there, because so many men in the house require a lot of time and effort. But the surprise was not long in coming. Alexis suddenly found out that she was pregnant again.

And she was even ready to hear from the doctor again that they would have another boy. But a miracle happened. A girl finally appeared in the family, and this became one of the happiest events in the Brett family.


Parents note that the newborn daughter greatly influenced the behavior of all sons. They have become quieter and try not to quarrel so as not to wake up little Cameron, and they are also happy to take part in caring for her.

Before that, they constantly talked about a family with ten sons, and after the birth of their daughter they began to do it with a vengeance. True, not always in a positive way. Someone believes that a woman gave birth to so many children in order to receive more assistance from the state.

David works as a train driver, and his wife escorts him to work every day at 5 am. And after 1-1.5 hours, he is already involved in homework with might and main, which now has even increased.

But this time the woman is not going to stay long on maternity leave. She moonlights as a fitness trainer, and is going to go to a full-time job soon.

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