The indescribable reaction of children to the appearance of younger brothers and sisters

Children are so strange and unpredictable. They ask mom and dad to get them a brother, at worst a sister, so that they have someone to play with. And then they genuinely roar with grief when they realize that they will have to share toys and compete for parental attention.


What can I say… the team decided to simply show the most emotional manifestations of “brotherly” love among kids.

It doesn’t look like a smile

Oops. It happened by accident!


How is it “three more”?

But this one, in diapers, does it ever fall silent?

I don’t want to be “senior”!

And what fun did they find here …


Does he really have to live with us? Maybe better than a puppy?

Already thinking tricks

If I drop it, will mom believe it was “accidental”?

Everything, a happy life is over …

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