The most ridiculous reasons for the tantrum of kids – parents share their pain

It is very difficult to calm a roaring baby, but everything is much more difficult if the true reason for resentment and tears lies beyond the understanding of parents.


Logic fails, thoughts come to a standstill and moms and dads rack their brains – how, how to explain to the child that this is stupidity and it’s time to calm down already? However, there is a blessing in disguise, and at the initiative of tired parents, a humorous and instructive selection from the series “Why is the child crying again?” is being formed on the Tumblr website.

The microwave “swallowed” his afternoon snack. A-a-let’s go!

> >

Again this aunt sings on TV!


> >

I just said she couldn’t marry dad. And for my brother too.

> >

Daughter was horrified when she found out that her mother has another name besides “mom”

Someone ate all the cakes! And he doesn’t even remember that he did it himself.

He ate the ball, but I didn’t let him finish it. Bad dad.

She wanted to wipe MY butt after using the toilet, and I was against it.


Mom didn’t let me play with an unused tampon outside

Stopped eating dirt. Ugly parents.

The dog lay down in the path along which he was pushing the chair. And that’s it, a disaster.

Dinner is not yet ready, but the fork is already in hand. Reason to cry.

He doesn’t want to go anywhere. Despite the fact that we said that today we will not go anywhere.

Cupcakes taken out of the oven are too hot to eat. Tragedy!

I informed her that Darth Vader was actually bad. Am I a bad parent?


I just said good morning to him. He must have had a different opinion.

The pencils don’t fit in the cam. But they certainly need to be put there all at once.

The girl burst into tears when she found out that she would have breakfast with her brother.

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