What Stan Heard’s amazing paintings look like in the margins

Contemporary art never ceases to amaze. All due to the fact that artists use something completely unexpected as a canvas and materials to create an image.


Real fields, for example. The new text of Lemurov.net contains just such an unusual creative biography.

Stan Hurd can be considered a true master of his craft. He created his first landscape painting back in 1981. As the artist admits, he was inspired by the huge drawings of Nazca found in South America.


He became interested in them when he was still in college. Then land art was just developing. The young man showed an unprecedented interest in the new direction of art. All due to the fact that he liked working with the land, his parents were engaged in farming.

In his native Kansas, there was no land art as such, and the man decided to fix it. Hurd’s first creative work appeared in local books about crop production. Interested in his projects and in the press, photos of the first work even appeared in the magazine “National Geographic World”.


At first, Hurd’s work had historical motives. He wanted to pay tribute to the Native American peoples, the Indian tribes who farmed the Kansas lands many hundreds of years ago.

But over time, he began to turn to more modern motives. For example, one of his works, a portrait of an astronaut, was posted by a man along with hundreds of enterprising schoolchildren. He also gave them the opportunity to color his project. And it consists, just think, of 1500 stone tiles!

Over time, Stan Hurd’s fame grew so much that he began to create them far beyond the borders of his homeland. The man was even invited to China to create an amazing portrait of a local resident. Not surprisingly, Heard’s designs began to appear in all the world’s publications.

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