Vietnam opens world’s longest glass bottom bridge

A huge glass bridge has opened, claiming to be the longest in the world. But here it is immediately worth noting one nuance – it is clearly not for the weak.


Vietnam’s Bach Long Footbridge, whose name translates as “White Dragon”, is 632 m (2,073 ft) long and rises 150 m (492 ft) over dense and difficult jungle.

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Half of the bridge is made of French-made tempered glass, making it strong enough to withstand the stress of 450 visitors at a time.

The glass floor also means that tourists who dare to climb the structure can admire the stunning scenery all around.

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Bach Long is the third glass bridge in Vietnam. Local resident Bui Van Thach hopes he can encourage more tourists to visit their region.

Guinness World Records officials are expected to confirm and record the record for the length of the glass bottom bridge as early as next month.

The company claims it is the world’s longest glass bottom bridge, surpassing even the 526-meter structure in Guangdong, China.

We add that recently the leaders of Vietnamese tourism have been making every effort to lure tourists back to the country as efficiently as possible after a two-year COVID-related lockdown, due to which the entry of foreign citizens into the country was practically closed.

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