In America, for the homeless, there are houses where you can live for free, but with a certain condition.

California is a very sunny and wealthy state.


But besides Hollywood and the Kremlin Valley, there is also a not very positive side of life – these are poverty and homeless people.

In order to somehow help them and reduce the number of people in need, the city of San Jose built a real residential complex “Bridge Housing Community” (BHC).


300 thousand dollars were spent on this complex from the city budget. There are 40 small houses and one large one, which acts as such a club house.

All the houses are really very small, their size is only 7 square meters. Separately, of course, there is a bathroom with shower and toilet. Quite excellent living conditions. For coolness in summer, hot days, air conditioners are provided in the rooms. All furniture and bedding are also included.

The large club house has a dining room, laundry, dryer, computer room with Internet access. The kitchen has all the necessary utensils.

There is no need to pay for living in the Bridge Housing Community, even food is brought here for free.


But in order to live here and be able to eat, certain rules must be followed.

Everyone who wants to settle in the houses should not have bad habits and should work. After 10 pm it is forbidden to leave the complex, and it will not be possible to enter the territory at this time either. It is also not allowed to drive guests at night.

All these requirements are not even difficult, and quite feasible. The authorities of San José thus help people to take a good path in life and escape from poverty.

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