A cramped van with a greenhouse – you might think. But once you step inside, you will be amazed!

The desire to live outside the city, close to nature and in a beautiful place is the dream of many citizens. And if the opportunity to travel comes as a bonus to cozy housing, it’s just incredible! You can travel to the most beautiful places, each time a new landscape outside the window and you can live not in a tent, but in a cozy house with all amenities.


A motor home is the best solution. Modern options for such houses are amazing.

This van “Elsa” is a mobile trailer, you can go to the ends of the world in it. Well isn’t it cool?

The interior design of the motorhome is striking. The area of ​​the van is only 30 m2, but it has everything you need for living!

This housing option was developed by Olive Nest in South Carolina. Cozy, roomy and comfortable house has become a real hit in the housing market on wheels.

On 30 m2 fit a living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and even an attic with a bed.

This van organically combines elements of modern and rustic style.

Cozy living room, sofa bed, everything for convenience!

The kitchen has an oven, refrigerator and stainless steel sink with a modern faucet, the kitchen unit is equipped with beautiful countertops.

The bathroom is beautiful and modern.

To save space under the steps placed shelves.

There is a lot of light in this house, thanks to the successful placement of windows.

The sleeping attic is a separate issue. Everything is practical, comfortable and beautiful.

Also included with the house is a greenhouse where you can grow vegetables and fruits all year round and plant beautiful flowers.

There is a wooden swing on the porch of the house. A wonderful place for the whole family! It is so nice to spend evenings on a swing by a cozy house, enjoying the beautiful view!

Below you will see a video about this cozy house! This is just a dream!

Van “Elsa” is really a wonderful mobile home, filled with harmony and comfort. Sometimes one wonders how far human thought and talent can go. The engineers of this van coped with this task 100%!

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