The autistic boy made a copy of Lego’s Titanic. Appreciate your child’s work

The name of the boy with autism is Brigadier Carl.

At the age of 10 he was able to make an exact copy of the Titanic.

The boy made it with legos.

This little boy has loved puzzles and all things travel since he was a kid.

The liner was 1.5 meters high and 8 meters long.

The entire work took 11 months and 56,000 details.

The little boy often went fishing with his grandfather and since then he has been interested in boats.

He began to study the whole history of the Titanic.

This boy’s family helped him achieve what he had imagined.

They collected money and bought the necessary elements to build the ship.

The little boy is now 15 years old. Many admire the ship he built.

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