My children and I temporarily moved in with my mother. Everything was fine before my son wanted to eat a second cutlet

I have been married for 14 years. I have two sons. The eldest recently turned 12, and the youngest – 3. Until recently, everything was fine. The man worked, lived normally. But my husband was fired and we started having problems, because he is the only applicant. He then got another job, but a couple of months later the office closed and he lost his job again.

We decided to rent our apartment for a few months, the man moved in with his mother and began to work as a taxi driver. I went to my mother with the children, although I didn’t really want to. My mother has a very complex character. She has her own rules, her own habits. My father is not alive, He went to another world ten years ago.

My mother lives alone and receives a meager pension. She barely makes ends meet. And so I came with my kids, with empty pockets. We are tired of her, she walks with a dissatisfied face, but we have nowhere to go, nowhere to live. I do everything around the house, the children are not noisy, they are calm, polite. But my mother still finds a reason to cling. The husband’s parents have one, there is no place.

Mom keeps saying that my eldest son eats a lot. I explain to her that he has a growing organism, he has a good anesthetic. But my mother insists on her own. He says the cutlets are fat, why does the boy have so much fat, and he ate two cutlets. I do not condemn my mother. She used to live alone, she saves on everything, eats vegetables and fruits from the garden.

I would very much like my mother to treat my children with warmth. As a child, I often went to my grandmother, she always pampered me with delicious cakes, pancakes, pastries, cooked delicious pilaf, fried potatoes, although she lived modestly and never demanded money. And here the mother swears why she put two cutlets to her son… Ko ա mar.

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