The girl bought a house that is about 150 years old and found a hidden door behind the wallpaper that led to a secret room and looked inside

Landsey Smith made a long-awaited purchase – it turned out to be a house that was cocked in 1874. Since the building was quite old, the woman decided to make cosmetic repairs.

When the owner began to remove the wallpaper, an impressive piece of plaster fell off with them – a door was visible under it.

It was quite difficult to open it, but Landsey was able to rip off a fairly heavy lock, which had time to rust. When the woman opened the door, there was a staircase behind her.

The house is located almost on the outskirts of Toronto. The building was sold for reasonable money, and the realtor explained this simply – the owners want to get the money as quickly as possible. At the same time, he did not mention the presence of any hidden doors, stairs, since he most likely did not know about their existence.

The girl decided to start repairs when her boyfriend was away from home. She decided that without male help she could cope with the removal of wallpaper on the second floor, where she found the door.

“The house was built almost a century and a half ago, and I think its layout has remained the same all the time,” Landsey said.

The girl did not dare to go down on her own, so she waited for the arrival of a young man, with whom she went down. The passage led to the attic, filmed and made public which the girl plans a little later.

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