The man found a bag full of money during the repair in the house and realized that he was fabulously rich

An American couple invested in buying a house that was built many years ago.


Having saved up for repairs, the couple began to put the building in order.

Repair work began from the basement – a man found a bag in a niche in which almost fifty thousand dollars were stored.

“I took the bag and went outside, immediately called my wife. I understood that the bag was filled with something, and it was quite heavy. When we opened it, we found several packages wrapped in a paper sheet – a newspaper that was published in 1952. We were extremely surprised, as money was hidden inside – thousands of dollars, ”the guy said.

Later, a man found a similar bag in the same basement, where the second part of the amount was kept. The couple decided to put the money to good use and paid off the mortgage.

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