Who now lives in a house on a steep cliff 3 km above sea level and where did this house come from?

Everyone in this world has different preferences.

and sometimes they want to be separated from everyone and live in a separate and quiet environment.

This house was built at a height of about 2 km and in a rock. And who built it and why?

At present, it is quite difficult to find exact data on this house.

Only locals tell certain things about the house.

According to them, the house was built for soldiers and a long time ago.
However, this view is probably correct, as it is completely safe for soldiers to spend the night here.

No one lives in this house now. And as we see, the height of the house would allow only a climber to climb it.

There is very little furniture inside the house, which is also interesting to see how it was raised there in ancient times.

There are opinions that there was also a bridge leading to the house. Now the house has become a favorite place for tourists.

Would you live in a house like this?

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