Man Realizes Secrets Are Hiding in His House When His Cat Behaves Weirdly And He Was Right

The American, who has a page on Reddit, told subscribers that his shaggy pet – a cat named Tucker, has changed dramatically in behavior. The furry pet was attracted by the wall of the old house.

Shaggy forgot about the basic needs of a cat: to eat and drink. He began to behave too strangely, and his master became worried. He was wary, but decided that the problem lay in the deteriorating health of the pet – Tucker was taken to the veterinarian.

“Recently, I took a cat to the doctor, and he said that the cat is completely healthy,” the man says.

The story of the Redditer was liked by many readers, and many began to give advice. One of the most popular was the suggestion to make sure there was nothing strange in or behind the wall. The audience believed that the cat spends all his time there because he hears some sounds. Perhaps a gang of termites or rodents is operating in the wall.

The owner of Tucker opened up part of the building, and noticed that the cat seemed to come to life, began to rush about underfoot and meow.

There were no pests on the back. But there was a secret door that led straight to the basement.

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