Singapore has built a unique airport that has no analogues in the world.

You entered the airport terminal and instead of a noisy beehive, you were surrounded by nature…

Fantastic? Not! Exceptional modern reality: dull check-in counters and waiting rooms are a thing of the past! So, at the main airport of Singapore, the construction of a giant indoor waterfall 40 meters high was completed.

Jewel Changi Airport multifunctional complex covers 134 square meters and consists of 10 floors, 5 of which are hidden underground. The territory has its own attractions, a hotel and a garden topped with a Rain Vortex waterfall, the waters of which fall from a designer roof.

It looks impressive, but in fact, the waterfall performs an extremely practical function: it pumps rainwater, which, given the frequent thunderstorms, is more than enough in Singapore. In addition, the flow cools the air under the dome of the building, and the collected water goes to the needs of the airport.

Now, while waiting for a flight, you can not pass the time on social networks, but instead take a stunning walk through a luxurious green garden flooded with natural light. Here you can see plants from all over the world: more than 900 trees and palms, as well as about 60 thousand bushes are planted on the territory.

The garden is equipped with several routes that pass through the park, the forest valley and the rocks. The views here are simply breathtaking!


The $1.7 billion complex is expected to play an important role in the development of local tourism and aviation. And one cannot but agree with this, because even for the sake of it it is worth coming to Singapore!

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