30 Photos That Prove The Japanese Live On Another Planet

Probably everyone knows that sumo wrestling originated in Japan. A distinctive feature of the country is the cherry blossoms.

Don’t forget about innovative toilets. In Japan, trains always arrive on time, and drainage channels are like ponds. In addition, vending machines are filled with fresh eggs. Discover this amazing country and its amazing culture!

Names on beverage cans are written in Braille

Japanese fans stayed after the 2014 FIFA World Cup match to help clean up the stadium


Many public restrooms have child seats attached to the wall.

This is how women in labor are fed in local hospitals

In Japan, such toilets are common. After washing hands, water can be used to flush

Japanese hatches are beautiful

Most Japanese schools do not have cleaners. Pupils clean themselves as a token of gratitude to the school for teaching

The piece of paper reads: “I accidentally overturned your bike and broke the bell. I am very sorry”

High-speed trains in Japan are exceptionally smooth

I lost my package on the streets of Osaka, and when I returned later, I found it next to a tree, completely intact.

Passengers in Tokyo push aside a train car to save a woman trapped between a platform and a train car.

Japanese toilets often have a button that plays the sound of water. No one will hear what you are doing there!

Koi even live in drainage channels!

Another reason I love Japan

On trains, the seats rotate in any direction.

Another great Japanese invention is the umbrella stand. So you do not have to bring a wet umbrella into the room and no one will take your “by mistake”

In this toilet, you can see which cubicles are free and which are occupied

Passengers in Tokyo waiting for their train

In Japan, even deer are very polite

Airport staff waving to a departing plane

At Japanese airports, suitcases are sorted by color.

Children’s seat in one of the trains

This elevator seat can be used as a toilet if needed.

There are over 300 intersections in Japan that can be crossed diagonally.

Japanese hotel apologizes for one minute no internet at 4am

Farm fresh egg vending machine

In Japan, they sell square watermelons to fit better in the refrigerator.

Only in Japan you can leave your wallet like that and fall asleep right on the train!

These railings follow the contour of the stairs

Some trains have special foot baths so you can relax on the road.

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