A man bought a house and accidentally found a door in the garden where no one had entered for 40 years and decided to enter, and now he makes money on it

The man decided to buy a big house. Some time after the purchase, he went to inspect the property. In the depths of the garden, he found a gate that was closed with ivy. The new owner of the mansion opened a rusty door and entered a place where no human foot had set foot for more than four decades.

Simon has long wanted to leave the noisy city. He was looking for a suitable home for a long time and one day he was offered an estate, which he could not refuse.

However, the man was alerted by the way the realtor behaved. The worker wanted in every possible way to speed up the transaction in order to quickly leave the estate.

When Simon found the gate, he found out that there was a hidden garden behind it, which had not changed for forty years. The new owner was very surprised by such a successful find. There he also found a tablet on which the year of the birth of the garden was carved – 1970.

The owner hired employees to clean up the area of ​​rubbish, redevelopment and restoration of the garden was carried out. By the way, the territory now brings profit to the owner – the entrance here costs ten pounds.

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