A man bought a house, and in the garden he found a mysterious pipe 100 meters deep and showed what he found at the bottom

The man bought a new house and one day noticed a pipe that was almost completely underground in the cellar.

Naturally, curiosity kicked in.

The buyer armed himself with a small camera, tied it to a rope, turned it on and began to lower it down. He wanted to know what was underneath.

At first, the guy thought that the pipe had a small height, but it took a hundred meters of rope to reach the bottom.

On the video, the man saw that in some parts of the pipe there were areas of organic matter. Most likely, these are decomposed plants and limestone.

Probably the building is located next to the reservoir.

The man found out that the metal pipe played the role of a well, because it is not possible to explain such a height in another way.

The guy was very lucky that the camera was not damaged during the descent. The footage captured was breathtaking.

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