Only 1% Of People Can See The Difference Between These Photos. Did you get it?

Psychologists say that we do not always notice changes in our environment. This is due to a phenomenon called “change blindness”.

Information is processed by the brain in almost the same way, which means that we often do not notice what later seems absolutely obvious. For example.

This is the first picture:

How I would like to be in this wonderful place now!

And this is the second picture:

Well, how did you manage to quickly see the difference between them? Look closely! They seem to be exactly the same, but there is a difference. Look at both pictures side by side. This might make things easier:

Look closely: the answer is closer! Pay attention to the right side of the picture – to where the shadow of the rock falls on the beach. Where are the vacationers? Once you see this difference once, it’s impossible not to see it anymore…

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