The couple found five rusty cans in the forest, and when they opened them, they realized that now they are millionaires and will no longer work.

Mary and Jones went out for a walk with their dogs and went to the forest. One of the pets saw a jar that stood near one of the trees.

Half of the container was in clay, and the man and woman decided to remove it. However, it turned out that the jar is quite heavy, while relatively small. Shaking it, they heard a ringing.

The couple took the find home and decided to open it with tools. The guy opened the container and was stunned by what was inside. The jar was filled with coins.

The couple, without hesitation, found a place where they could rent a metal detector and went to where the animals were walking.

It turned out that four such jars filled with coins were hidden near the trees. The couple turned to the relevant authorities and documented the right to use the find.

According to the results of the assessment, it turned out that the couple received an impressive increase in the budget. The coins belonged to the end of the 19th century.

The coins were made of gold, but they were not valued by weight at all. Some of the finds were valued at six figures. As a result, dog lovers became richer by $ 10 million.

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