This Bridge In Vietnam Is So Unusual You’ll Want To Walk Right Now!

Given today’s technical capabilities, surprising people with something truly special is becoming more and more difficult. However, from time to time, amazing masterpieces appear in different countries, which can be safely called a miracle of engineering.

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam opened recently, but nm is already being talked about all over the world. The reason is simple: it is so unusual that it is simply impossible not to pay attention to it!

Unique bridge captivates visitors with its unusual design

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Can you imagine the giant hands that literally hold the bridge? They exist in Vietnam!

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The Golden Bridge is located above Ba Na Hills Park.

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The bridge, 150 meters long, was opened to visitors in June. Its curved shape makes the design very elegant!

In addition, you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding nature.

Lobelia flowers planted along the bridge create a stunning contrast.

The arms look like they were carved from stone. But in fact, this is a frame covered with steel mesh and trimmed with fiberglass.

This bridge is calling for a walk!

Now a real tourist boom is expected in this area: the bridge is part of a program to attract visitors

There is no doubt that the money invested in the project will return very quickly.


Vietnam itself is a very beautiful country. But now there is a twist that will help attract tourists who want to discover this magical place.

It is simply impossible to resist this miracle!

Authorities expect more than 1.5 million visitors

Isn’t this unusual bridge magnificent?

I think I already know where I’m going to spend my next vacation…

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