A man bought a concrete pipe, and six months later a luxurious cottage grew here

The husband and wife decided to purchase materials for the construction of a heating main, but used them for other purposes. A beautiful dacha was made of pipes, which became the best in this area. The whole process was captured on camera.

By the way, while developing their idea, the spouses were inspired by the project of one of the Japanese architects. He suggested the use of concrete pipes – they made a modular house.

According to the idea of ​​the architect, such structures are undemanding for installation – they can be installed in the presence of any landscape.

The couple changed the project somewhat, as they decided that overly complex elements in this case would be superfluous – they needed a house in a summer cottage format. In the dacha building, a minimum amount of communications was implemented.

The couple sought to ensure that the house was not only comfortable for living in it, but also bright, so panoramic windows were used as walls.

As a result of the work, the family received an inexpensive, stylish house, which immediately became the center of attention, especially from the neighbors.

Now the family is thinking about creating their own business, which consists in building similar houses for giving for money.

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