This house is from the outside and the inside! Everything inside the house, even the furniture!

There are houses built by different horses in the world. All houses look different. However, this house is so unusual that it stands out from other houses with its color.

For the first time, photos of this house appeared on the real estate site Zillow. For just 250,000 US dollars, she offers to buy this octagonal house in the US state of Illinois, which among other things stands out in complete black. Total black

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There are black tiles, and black doors, and black window frames… The interiors inside are also monochromatic. This is interestingly combined with warm light, which makes the atmosphere cozy.

This home was once owned by real estate agent Seth Goodman, who bought it in August 2021 for just $75,000.
Seth Goodman developed the unique design of this house and now he is trying to sell the house for a lot of money.
Photos of the house have been widely circulated on the Internet. Many people are interested in this house now.

Would you live in a house like this?
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