Aux États-Unis, une maison très étrange a été mise en vente, dans laquelle le propriétaire a incarné ses fantasmes les plus fous

One of the social media users shared the sale of a house whose interior surprised everyone.

From the outside, the house is an ordinary house and is no different from other houses. But when you look inside, you will understand what it is.

When you enter, you find yourself in another world.

The living room is decorated in the style of an old castle: the interior is decorated with coats of arms, natural furs and a fireplace. The dining room of an unusual house takes the present into the future.

The part is made in the form of a spaceship, for the creation of which various elements of the Apache helicopter were used.

Here you can even see an “alien” standing in an unusual bathroom. For those who want to spend a holiday by the sea, there is a special room where sand, shells, fishing nets and other beach accessories await visitors.
Those who miss the 60s and 70s will appreciate the other hippie style bedroom.

The Twitter post received over 100,000 likes and went viral online. The post was seen by one of the users – the home owner’s granddaughter. The girl said her grandfather was a Navy veteran. That’s why he and his friends built the house this way. He said that as a child he often visited his grandfather because he always found interesting things there. The home is currently valued at $159,900. Would you like to live in a house like this?

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