How a car weighing 6 tons turned into a comfortable hotel. The interior is beautiful

This hotel is located in the United States. Anything can cross people’s minds. This machine is for potatoes.

Its owners have decided to turn it into a hotel. It costs $80 a night here.

This story began when Idaho became the leader in potato growing. It was ten years ago. The hotel has only one room. But it’s big enough.

There is electricity and a ventilation system inside. The drawing belongs to the American Christy Wolf. He invested alone in the construction of the hotel.

She decided to make the interior in a modern minimalist design. The white walls go well with the cowboy wooden ethnic furniture.

Inside there is a bedroom, a seat and even a small sink. Inside, there is only the shower room which was built in the neighboring building.

The cost of one night in this unusual hotel will cost from 80 to 200 dollars. The exact amount depends on the season in which the arrival is planned. The popularity of the hotel is quite high. After all, how can you get to know the culture of Idaho better than not in such conditions?


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