This woman spent an entire year transforming a boring house into a castle. Great pictures.

A 34-year-old American named Kim’s bought this old house with her baby and her husband.

The family did not have enough money to spend on the design of the house. They did some design work inside the house that could save some money.

This house was last renovated about 40 years ago. The woman started designing a house and became obsessed with it.

The wooden floors were dry and the drab pastel range of browns and beiges inside looked dusty and lifeless. The kitchen has been entirely designed in gray tones.

A modest budget and a small child kept Kim from spending a lot of time and money on the renovation, so she only bought a few brightly colored buckets and searched the internet for ideas.

Unable to afford new decor and furniture, she set about restoring what was already available. Almost all of the designer accessories in the surrounding stores were the focus of Kim’s attention. Gradually, he designed the interior of the house and made it a wonderful home.

Kim covers the process of transforming a dingy old house on her Instagram page. Thanks to the interest of users, the woman began to cooperate with many small companies involved in the field of repair.

Additionally, his design experiments have found support in the professional community. She has become many times․
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