Unusual houses of different African tribes. (part 2) You will be surprised

Continuing the topic about African housing, we want to represent to you several more versions of them.

They are amazing in the simplicity and make us appreciate whatever we have, no matter it is a big country house or a small apartment.


Their main occupation is cattle breeding and farming, so their houses have this look.

With the help of thick trunks, they make a frame, then cover with dry rice stalks and grass, they turn out like sheaves, with a small mink — entrance.


The houses of this tribe are made of thick twigs tied with vines, and palm leaves are used as a covering.

People carry these houses with them, as they are mainly engaged in gathering.

Musgum Tribe

This tribe roams the states of Chad and Cameroon.

Since this is mostly a swampy area, there are not so many building materials.

Therefore, people use sand, clay and various swampy soil.

These houses turn out to have the most unusual shapes, but at the same time they fit very harmoniously into the local landscape.

The surface of the house, which is called musgum-tolekov, is necessarily ribbed.

This has its own meaning: the rain, flowing down the dried clay, does not blur the walls, and there is a ventilation hole at the top.

This is the African Venice. The houses here stand on stilts driven into the mud.

There are whole waterways and routes here!

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