BGT viewers convinced The Phantom is former contestant as Simon Cowell baffled by act

Britain’s Got Talent head judge Simon Cowell wasn’t overly impressed with The Phantom’s semi-final performance, while many viewers at home suggested it could be Marc Spelmann behind the act

Britain’s Got Talent viewers are convinced that The Phantom is a former contestant of the ITV show.

The mysterious act appeared on stage at London’s Hammersmith Apollo on Thursday evening for the fourth live semi-final, but not all of the judges were impressed.

The invisible Phantom began their performance by asking judge David Walliams to think of a memory in his head and to write it down, including details such as the time it occurred.

Fellow judge Amanda Holden was then invited up onto the stage and ended up disappearing after stepping into a large box.

As David also made his way up to the stage, where there was an empty table and chairs, he was asked to look into a large mirror backstage.

Britain’s Got Talent viewers are convinced that The Phantom is a former contestant of the ITV show

Amanda suddenly appeared next to him in the mirror and recited what his chosen memory had been — but it was unclear how she knew it.

David then returned to the judging panel with a piece of paper which he was asked to read out out loud as Amanda returned to the panel.

«David, you can’t see me, you’ll never see me, but I am always right here,» he said as his buzzer suddenly went off and Alesha screamed.

Amanda appeared in a mirror alongside David Wallias backstage as part of The Phantom’s act

«Until next time, goodbye,» the creepy voice was heard saying as David stood up and applauded.

However, someone who wasn’t clapping was Simon, who said: «Am I being really stupid? As far as I was aware, Amanda got up, stood in a box, then was in the mirror, David was asked to write out what he was thinking but that part never happened.»

As David explained the memory he had been thinking of, Simon still looked baffled

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