A man made a hut out of polyethylene and decided to stay there overnight at -50 degrees

A fan of wilderness travel, he entered the desert, which glowed from the snow with a bright white light. He came to a snowy place for a reason.

The main task that the man set for himself was to spend the night in extreme conditions. He built a shelter out of ordinary polyethylene.

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His friends warned him that he planned to spend the night in too harsh conditions, as the temperature at that moment dropped to -50 degrees Celsius.

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But the traveler decided to stay overnight in the desert and filmed everything that happened on camera.

Zacharias Spencer posted a video in his vlog, which talks about survival in extreme conditions.

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From the weather forecast, the man learned that soon snowfall and a sharp drop in temperature were planned in the desert, and he decided to conduct an experiment.

For the construction of a protective structure, he used a client. The guy had previously introduced fasteners for a polyethylene tent, covered the upper part with an awning, which would not let the dwelling get wet from the inside.

When the sun began to disappear below the horizon, the guy sent a drone flying to capture everything that was happening around. Inside, the man equipped the tent with a heating device, installed a pipe to remove smoke.

An hour after Zacharias had kindled the stove, a snowstorm began.

The temperature dropped to expected low levels. As the experiment showed, polyethylene has excellent thermal insulation properties, and heat was well preserved inside.

The guy filmed everything on camera. Upon completion, he posted a video on the social network and concluded that the experiment was successful.

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