Amazing 6-year-old steals spotlight and scores gold medal… VIDEO

Not quite in her teens yet, but this little lady can proudly say she’s a national figure skating champion after she beat 250 other competitors to claim the 2022 U.S. Junior Figure Skating title. This is little Sofya Bezkorovaynaya. Sofia is trained by Inna Volyanskaya.

Corkless may be an incredible skater, but she’s also a student. So she had to learn how to adjust to her schedule and manage her time. Young champion attends an online school: “I study at an online school. Volyanskaya spoke of her little child prodigy.

“She never gives up. She’s always like, “Can I try this, can I try this?” She is asking right now if she can do triple axes. Not only do I push her, she pushes herself.” The victory in national competitions brought the dream of a young figure skater closer to realization. My dream is to one day compete at the Olympics and win it. She is ambitious and eager to prove herself.

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