The woman decided to tie herself a lace fence. Now there are some in almost every garden in his hometown.

Anna Yunson is a resident of the UK who truly has golden hands. This wonderful needlewoman makes very unusual fences with the help of knitting needles. She knits them in the truest sense of the word. Such fences are really the most original.


Anna admits that since childhood she loved to create something with her own hands. And then, out of the corner of my ear, I heard that someone was trying to tie the fence. This news surprised her very much, but she decided to try it for herself.

To be able to translate what was conceived into reality, at least suitable tools were needed. She found the largest knitting needles and acquired the strong black twine that is usually used to make fishing nets.

Not much time had passed from the idea to the moment the fence was created, and it was already possible to admire the new fence. When the neighbors saw this beauty, they turned to Anna with a request to repeat this for them. How happy the needlewoman was that those around her appreciated her work! She happily began to work on the creation of fences for her friends.

Some time later, knitted fences appeared on several streets of Anna’s hometown. They look very beautiful and at the same time they are wonderfully combined with trees and various plants, because they are very thin and neat.

Anna Yunson is truly happy, because she does what she loves, which benefits and pleases others. In addition, owning such huge knitting needles is not a bad exercise, which is very healthy.

It is worth noting that it takes Anna about three weeks to create one such product.

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