Finally a daughter: a girl was born in a family with 14 boys

It’s hard to imagine what it resembles to be a mother of a girl in the event that you’ve just had boys for over 10 years.

Today we will acquaint you with the Schwandt family from Michigan, who previously got into the media in April 2018, on the grounds that she called her fourteenth child an exceptionally uncommon name — Shiboyegen.


But presently they have another motivation to give a meeting in light of the fact that the fifteenth child was born in their family and this is the first girl!

The cheerful mother says that she never stressed over the orientation of her children. She met her better half while still at school, and subsequent to moving on from school, the couple previously brought up three children. Right now, the oldest is now 28 years of age. He as of now has a spouse and his own home and they are arranging a child. Taylor frequently jokes that they are prepared for their child, in light of the fact that the parents have the whole boy’s closet in the house, for any age and season.

The newborn child was given a straightforward name — Maggie. 45-year-old parents have long sorted out what they will call their girl, they had sufficient opportunity. Their granddad jokes that prior, if by some stroke of good luck boys were born in an Indian family, a specific ceremony was performed, after which 100% a girl was to be born, and on the off chance that not, then the shaman shouted: “She boy once more!”, Which signifies “again a boy!”. Thusly, the youngest child was known as a twofold name — Finley-Shiboyegen.

Kateri says that on account of so many boys in the house, there is consistent disarray and turmoil, commotion, and continually eager. But in the event that they could have done without it, they would have chosen two children quite some time ago. A little girl for a huge family resembles a beam of daylight and she as of now has such countless defenders!


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