Sand sculptures that fascinate with their realism

Art can be different, sometimes strange, sometimes original and stimulating. But in any case, it surprises us. We see art in music, poetry and painting, but there are people who present it to us in a completely different way.


Today we want to introduce you to a man named Andoni Bastorrica. He worked as a therapist and later opened his own fruit store.
As Andoni himself said, most likely, it was during this period of his life that he learned to perceive everything with his hands, through touch.

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Once Bastorrica was on the beach all day with his daughters, they sculpted a sand sculpture and then the man realized he had found his talent.

Andoni is self-taught, he never studied to become a sculptor. But fate and rich life experience decided otherwise.
For a sculpture, a man needs 500 to 1500 kilograms of sand. He works without gloves, with bare hands, because he likes to feel the material.

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