The pensioner accidentally became a millionaire. here’s how

A wonderful story of random luck and an amazing find. A person from New York has become a retiree. He decided to use his accumulated retirement money to buy land and a house in Portugal.

The modest house and farm he bought has been empty for 15 years. The previous owner and his wife died and the house was auctioned off to pay the taxes. A few people looked at the farm, but no one opened the doors of the old barn.

Before buying, no one looked at the barn, because they were interested in the house and the land, and the barn was sold additionally. A man from New York bought this property for half price. After moving in, he and his wife inspected their property and decided to saw off the welded barn door.

This is how an ordinary pensioner became the owner of a very valuable collection of old cars, and if he decides to sell it, he will become the owner of a great fortune.

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