Meet Junior, a 2 months old baby that captivates everyone!

Chelsea Noon said it requires her two hours to shop instead of 40 minutes on the grounds that such countless people are halting her to express Hello to her two-month-old baby, Junior.


However, this baby likes to be the focal point of consideration – and cries in the event that she attempts to wear a cap on him to speed things up.

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“Junior was brought into the world with such an excess of hair that he got the nickname – baby bear”.

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“Every one of the birthing specialists and guests let us know the hair will drop out in light of the fact that children hair drops out when they rub against the highest point of the den, yet he didn’t lose hair, and the hair simply keeps on developing”, said Chelsea.

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“At the point when I take him shopping with me everybody is taking a gander at him and saying ‘OMG, see that baby’s hair’, and they need to contact him. It doesn’t appear to annoy him, and he’s grinning from the entire thing”.

“People inquire as to whether I will manage his hair, however it’s so unique, so I won’t make it happen”.

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