Pictures of unusual and mysterious abandoned places that fascinate and frighten at the same time

Throughout the planet, many beautiful and majestic buildings have been created by human hands.


But some of them eventually become useless to anyone and they stand covered with a touch of time, entwined with plants that seem to feel that no one will stop them now. From such places always breathes a mystery, it seems that they keep a lot of mysteries in themselves that no one will ever solve.

Today we have collected for you photos of very interesting mysterious and mysterious places that both fascinate and frighten at the same time.


Former Studebaker car dealership in New Jersey

Abandoned farm in Italy that looks like a castle

Abandoned historical palace in Hungary

Abandoned gothic church in Portugal

Palace in Poland built in 1910

Many years ago, noble people lived there, then the palace was turned into an agricultural technical school, and then into a home for the mentally retarded. The building was abandoned around 1989.

Found this spooky house in Wimberley, Texas

Old abandoned winter garden

Abandoned Soviet Tupolev Tu-104

It was the only jet passenger airliner operating in the world from 1956 to 1958.

Swimming pool at the hotel

Abandoned hospital in Sudbury, Ontario

Abandoned party mansion far out in the woods of Maryland

Castle in Spain

Abandoned bucket wheel excavator

Abandoned hangar of Baikonur

Abandoned water park in Hue, Vietnam

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