The neighbors thought the man was crazy! Until they see what he has built…

Wayne Martin amazed his neighbors with what he did in the garden. It all started with the banal digging of a hole, perhaps under the swimming pool.


But the pit was getting bigger and the neighbors decided that Martin was crazy, but they didn’t stop being interested in his mysterious activities.

Who would have thought that old Martin had Napoleonic ambitions! He managed to get a cheap shipping container in order to realize what he thought was an ingenious idea of ​​an ideal bunker.

He had no doubts about the outcome of the case, in the end, the wine cellar will definitely turn out to be excellent! What a big container! Martin was proud to have managed to obtain this colossus. The first step is to install the door.

Pit Wayne dug nobly! It is half a meter higher than the container itself in height, and the bottom of the pit is densely covered with fine gravel.

Wayne ensured that the depth of the pit was 60 centimeters greater than the height of the container. In addition, at the bottom, the man placed a 15 centimeter layer of fine gravel.

Martin did not forget about the well pump, having made a special hole for it.
Next came concrete steps, the top of which was at the same height as the top of the container.

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