This family lives in a domed house in arctic conditions. Here’s what’s inside

The Jartefelger family from Norway shatters all stereotypes about life in the cold Arctic climate and proves once again that where there is a desire, there will always be opportunity.


The married couple Benjamin and Ingrid, with the help of their friends and colleagues, built a large 3-storey ecological house under a special dome, which is very suitable for living in cold countries.

On December 8, 2013, a new family appeared on the island of Sandhornoya, Jartefelger. Husband, wife and 4 children moved in rather difficult climatic conditions, but it did not break them. And it is thanks to their incredible dome-shaped house that they manage to conserve heat and energy throughout the surface of their house.

In addition to the 3-storey chalet, there is 80 m² of garden land on the territory. The spouses are ecologists, so at home we only find bio-products․Wastewater or food waste, they do not throw away, but make fertilizer for plants.

When designing the eco-house, the harsh climatic conditions in northern Norway were taken into account. To withstand high winds and extreme temperatures, a glass geodesic dome was erected. It not only protects the building from excess moisture and winds, but also provides a comfortable microclimate inside through manual and automatic ventilation windows.

The construction of the house was made from natural materialsThe area of ​​​​the house is about 180 m². Under the very ceiling of the dome is a terrace with a beautiful view.

There is a garage in the basement and two floors of the eco-house include a living room, kitchen, dining room, 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The accommodation is heated with solar panels and a stove-stove.
According to Ingrid, a special atmosphere reigns inside the house, incomparable with all other sensations. This special house is very personal and lively.

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