What do the girls who were once recognized as the most beautiful in the world look like now?

A few years ago, these girls were recognized as the most beautiful, they were invited to shoot and shows, their faces were on the covers of fashion magazines, and popular brands showered them with proposals for cooperation.


Now they are older, some have continued their modeling careers, and some have chosen a completely different path in life.

Thylane Blondeau

The girl’s mother is a model and actress, and her father is a football player. Already at the age of 4, she collaborated with a modeling agency, to which her mother sent her pictures. She appeared in the most fashionable magazines and took to the catwalks demonstrating the clothes of famous designers.

At the moment, Tilan is already 19 years old, she has not left her modeling career and is quite successful in this field.

Anastasia Knyazeva

The girl came to the modeling business at the age of 4. She has worked with the President Kids modeling agency, as well as with popular children’s clothing brands. But in Russia, she is known more as a TV presenter, she collaborated with some TV channels, and recently received the Russian National Television Award “TEFI-KIDS”, and she is only 9 years old!

Anna Pavaga

When the girl was two years old, she and her mother came to a family photo session. The photographer was fascinated by her appearance and asked permission to publish these pictures on social networks. A modeling agency contacted her mother and so began Anna’s modeling career.

Now the girl is already 11 years old, she has collaborated with many brands, as well as filming clips, commercials and even films. Pavaga was ranked second in the ranking of the 50 most beautiful children in the world, compiled by the French fashion magazine.

Kristina Pimenova

The girl’s modeling career began at the age of 4 and rapidly went up. She has worked with brands such as Prada, Burberry, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani. Her face was on the cover of Vogue and she auditioned for the role of Renesmee in Twilight. She currently has 2 million social media followers and continues to build a successful modeling career.

Ira Brown

Her career began at the age of 2. Photos of the “living Barbie” caused a mixed reaction from the community. There are people who believe that the girl’s parents are simply cashing in on her unusual appearance. According to rumors, the baby was put on make-up and bleached her hair. Now the popularity of 7-year-old Ira has somewhat subsided, but she continues to appear for various brands of children’s clothing.

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