Identical triplets sisters grew up and became real beauties

You may have heard the story that twenty years ago, one woman from Iran was sure throughout her pregnancy that she would have one child, and during childbirth it turned out that there were three of them.

Parents were shocked, but very happy about this replenishment, although now all their expenses have tripled. Despite all the difficulties, the girls were brought up in love and care, each baby always had as much attention as she required, no one was ever deprived of anything.

According to local traditions, girls immediately after coming of age were supposed to get married and build their own family. But the sisters decided to act a little differently, and so that there would be no problems in the future, they moved to live in London. Parents supported their daughters and helped them to rent housing.


Elnaz, Golnaz and Tanaz, that’s the name of the sisters, really wanted to connect their lives with fashion, so they chose the appropriate educational institution. Then they created an account on social networks, in which they share fashionable “bows” with their subscribers and gradually gain popularity.


It was thanks to the blog that girls began to be invited to photo shoots and offered work with different brands.

Although, perhaps, it is worth recognizing that it was their identity that brought them the main popularity, and then their impeccable taste and style.

Now the girls are not in a hurry to get married, they are very passionate about their careers and they really like their current life, at the moment.


To meet triplets, and even such beautiful ones, is actually a rarity, and that is why the girls do not have many competitors for the title of stunning sisters who look alike like three peas in a pod.

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