A 25-year-old dug a house in a cave for his family

From the banks of the French river Laura near Nantes, you can see an unusual sight: an old crooked house directly in the water. It may seem to an unenlightened person that a serious tragedy has occurred on the river and, as a rule, not typical for France.

The house floats very close to the town of Laveau-sur-Loire, but, of course, it does not move: powerful anchors hold it at the bottom. All this due to the fact that he was on the water is not at all accidental.

This specific installation was designed and produced by local artist Jean-Luc Courcoul as part of an advertising campaign for wreck rescue services.

The building has existed since 2007, that’s where the idea came from.
However, the house has moved a bit. When the river flooded, the structure began to shift, so it was fixed closer to the right bank of the Laura. And more reliably, using huge offsets set underwater.

This house has become one of the main attractions of the region. Almost every tourist has a photo of a houseboat in the evening, because a light mysteriously lights up in one of its windows.

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