A day in the life of caring for baby quintuplets

The Scott family is outnumbered by babies.

Mom and dad Jamie and Skyler have two older boys, Shayden and Landon, and quintuplet babies – Lily, Violet, Daisy, Logan, and Lincoln.

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This video portrays a typical day for a family with five infants to really focus on. The older siblings are a major assistance. They cuddle infants and help with feeding time.

Family and church companions are continually coming all through the house. They take shifts washing jugs, feeding, and holding children when they get particular so Skyler and Jamie can get a little rest.

The Scott’s fridge is loaded up with milk bottles. Jamie concedes that they go through thirty containers and diapers consistently. On the off chance that the children are in a development spray, it tends to be significantly more!

They don’t wash the children consistently, but in some cases they get additional showers assuming they develop neck cheddar. Skyler wraps up little Logan and gives him a mitigating spa shower in the sink.

After every one of the infants have been taken care of, there’s 90 minutes that Skyler calls “Party time.” This is when every one of the children are content and sluggish.

An existence with quintuplets is constant. Jamie and Skyler have snapshots of sheer depletion and, most likely, lack of sleep. But they are so honored with their beloved newborns and wouldn’t exchange that for anything!

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