A Man Found A Chest In An Abandoned House, And When He Opened It, He Realized He Wouldn’t Be Working Anymore

The man had been looking for a house for a long time, which he wanted to buy for his family. His choice fell on an abandoned building in which no one had lived for many years.

The buyer, with the support of the construction team, began the restoration of the house. First, the workers dismantled the ceiling, removed the floors, and here the owner of the property had a surprise. Under the cracked boards was a small, tightly locked chest.

From the moment the chest appeared, it was clear that it had been lying underground for at least a century. And few people knew him. The builders reported the find to the buyer, and when he arrived on the scene, they tried to pull the find out from under the bottom. The box turned out to be quite heavy, so cables were used. Then the workers began to open the find.

It was not easy, because all the fasteners had been covered with rust for a long time. I had to retrieve the tool. When the lid finally gave way, something shiny appeared underneath. The chest was filled with ingots. It turned out to be nearly nine thousand. As it turned out later, real money was stored in the safe. Upon examination, it turned out that the find was worth twenty million rubles.

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