A woman bought a house in Italy for 1 euro and told what is the secret and where are the pitfalls

Rubia Daniels has often heard stories about buying real estate for next to nothing. Once a woman decided to participate in such an adventure and bought herself a house in Italy for 1 euro.

Indeed, the woman became the owner of the property in poor condition.Rubia decided to make an estimate, according to which, after all the work was completed, she would be able to calculate real investments in real estate of this type.The main stumbling block was the contract that the woman signed at the time of the transaction.

According to the terms of the document, she cannot live in the house until the repair work is completed, and the maximum reconstruction period should not exceed 3 years. Despite the fact that there was a lot of work, Rubia immediately began bringing her project to life.

The woman understood that if she did not finish in time, the State could recover 5,000 euros from her and take over the property. “I understood the risks I was taking and I was ready to assume responsibility in the event of a fiasco . » restoration, 20,000 euros for materials and 35,000 for workers.

In the end, such a bet left Ruby at 55,000 square meters by 80 square meters. The woman hopes her estimate will help many people who are also considering getting involved in similar projects.

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